June 18, 2016 09:30 AM - June 26, 2016 06:00 PM
SUMMER 2016: The Basics of Mediation

June 18-19 & 25-26

Community Boards’ nationally recognized The Basics of Mediation introduces core conflict resolution skills in a training designed for managers, human resource professionals, attorneys, ombudsmen, social workers, community mediators and others who intervene in disputes as part of their work.

Basics is a 40-hour training, taking place on two consecutive weekends, June 18-19 & 25-26, 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. There are also two additional 2-hour learning modules that will be assigned.

Participants gain the knowledge, techniques and skills needed to handle a broad range of disputes. This training is required for those wishing to become volunteer Community Mediators for our Neighborhood Mediation Program. While California has no statewide certification process for mediators, Basics meets the minimum requirements for most court mediation programs. Upon completion, participants receive certificates of completion.

Basics training topics include:

  • Effective communication and active listening skills
  • Stages of mediated problem solving
  • Balancing power
  • Managing a negotiation
  • Cultural and gender issues in mediation
  • Dealing with strong emotions
  • Breaking impasse
  • De-escalating anger
  • Drafting agreements that work

Meet the Trainers
Emily Epstein Photo Siobhan Cassidy: Siobhan is passionate about conflict resolution and feels strongly that peace building is the foundation from which all connection is built. She works as a mediator, trainer, and educator. Siobhan lived at San Francisco Zen Center from 2000-2008, studying Zen Buddhism while participating in retreats and intensive study periods. A 2008 graduate of The Basics of Mediation, Siobhan has been co-lead trainer since February, 2012. She feels inspired each time she has the opportunity to shepherd a new group of mediators through the Basics training. In addition, Siobhan volunteers as a mediator for Community Boards and SEEDS. When she is not mediating or training, Siobhan works on an Administrative Operations Team tasked with the smooth running of an independent K-8 school in Oakland.

Donald Proby: Donald is a social justice advocate and circle keeper. He has been a mediator and trainer for over 20 years with a long history working in the areas of city/county government, social services, public health education, and holistic health. Donald works with multiple Bay Area organizations for the advancement of peace and community building. He views public service as an important element of individual wellness and community development. Donald has served as co-lead trainer of the Community Boards’ The Basics of Mediation since February 2012. As a dedicated mediation and diversity/inclusion trainer, he is currently a doctoral student in the field of educational leadership and avidly works to support restorative and eco-justice related causes.
June 18-19: Opera Plaza - 601 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102
June 25-26: 10th & Mission Family Housing - 1390 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94102