May 03, 2016 06:00 PM - May 03, 2016 08:00 PM
Tuesday, May 3
Dealing with Insurers in Mediation, How to Make Them Allies for Resolution

Insurance is not only an important part of most people's lives but it often a key aspect of mediation whether or not an insurer is even a party. Insurance issues can arise in many different types of disputes in several forms--liability, property, life and disability to name a few.

In his workshop, Steve will discuss how insurance issues can arise in a wide variety of disputes being mediated, and how to deal with insurers and their representatives whether they are a party or not. He will also focus on how to help make insurance a part of a successful resolution of the dispute instead of a hindrance.

Steve Schrey

Stephen is a full-time neutral with a mediation and arbitration practice in San Francisco. He practiced law for almost 40 years in both large and small law firms. He represented both insureds and insurers while in practice, and as a neutral handles a variety of disputes where insurers and insurance issues are critical factors affecting resolution.

Stephen's practice also includes business and partnership disputes, real estate, medical malpractice, environmental and employment cases. He serves on several court-sponsored panels as well as the Bar Association of San Francisco's neutral panel and the American Arbitration Association's commercial arbitrator and mediator panels. He has authored several articles on mediation. Learn more about Stephen at
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