January 10, 2017 06:00 PM - January 10, 2017 08:00 PM
Mediation Clinic: How Do I Handle That?
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Conflict Communication Skills for Mediators

While conflict is inevitable in life, combat is optional. Every mediator witnesses good old-fashioned bad behavior and repeat offenders. Having experienced and observed the hurt of cutting words and verbal attacks, the sting of sickening silence, and the regret of having lashed out in anger, mediators step up and encourage dialogue in order to restore relationships.

Ultimately, how mediators respond at times of relational conflict influences whether conflict is escalated or de-escalated and whether communication breaks down or continues. When mediators possess the right heart and communication skills for effectively dialoguing in conflict-filled situations, they transform anger, arguments, and hurt feelings into respectful conversation. Instead of freezing, mediators calmly dialogue in the midst of challenging situations.

Lorie's training transforms because participants apply the skills they learn in conflict-filled life-application practice scenarios. With a skilled teacher and trainer, attendees are coached and supported as they dialogue through difficult confrontations that occur in mediations.

Those attending learn and practice techniques where they:

  • Reframe accusations by inviting understanding
  • Apply contrasting skills to bring clarity
  • Establish mutual purpose leading to a shared partnership
  • Transform hurtful words into healthy dialogue

Lorie Reichel-Howe

Lorie is a leadership development trainer, a professional mediator, conflict coach, and founder of Teach2Excel, her own training and conflict coaching business.
Lorie provides trainings for educational organizations, colleges, businesses and conferences. Lorie's trainings are transformational. With practice sessions incorporated into her trainings, participants develop skills that transform anger, arguments, and hurt feelings into respectful dialogue.

Lorie mediates for the Santa Clara Office of Human Relations. She provides small claims and civil harassment mediation at the Santa Clara Superior Court in addition to community and victim offender mediation.

Lorie served Bellevue Public Schools in Washington State for nearly two decades as a classroom teacher and staff development trainer. Lorie served as adjunct staff with Antioch University in Seattle, WA.

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This mediation clinic is one in a series of monthly clinics sponsored by Community Boards (www.communityboards.org).

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