June 12, 2018 06:00 PM - August 07, 2018 08:00 PM
Conflict Coaching in the Workplace Series
Special Offer for All Three Clinics: CB Members, $60 | Public, $120

Conflict Coaching in the Workplace
June 12 - July 10 - August 7

Unresolved workplace conflicts cause anxiety and hurt among the disputants, disrupt teamwork and impede productivity within the group which has an impact on other departments and the customers the organization seeks to serve.

Rudeen Monte’s series of three workshops addresses causes of workplace conflict and the role of supervisor and mediator in assisting disputants toward resolution.

While we encourage people to attend all three of Rudeen's mediation clinics, and they are designed to complement each other, each may be taken individually.

JUNE 12: Human Development Applied to Workplace Conflicts
This session will discuss:
  • How People Work Together
  • Human development theory as it applies to the work environment and roles of team member, supervisor and manager
  • Values at Work - Increase awareness of own values, assumptions and perceptions about work and workplace conflicts
  • Values at Work - Case study applying human development theory and values

JULY 10: Steps for Intervening with Common Conflict Dynamics
This session will discuss:
  • Karpman Drama Triangle at Work
  • What happens when unresolved conflicts engage the rest of the team and how a supervisor or mediator may intervene
  • Cycle of Aggression in the Workplace
  • When conflict coaching and mediation is not appropriate

AUGUST 7: Organizational and Systems Causes of Conflict
This session will discuss:
  • Organizational Practices and Systems - Identifying practices or systems that if missing or troubled, contribute to conflict among people who work together
  • Conflict Coaching Steps
  • Coaching the individual to define the problem and the causes that s/he has influence over, determine options that s/he has and prepare for a conversation with the other person

Rudeen Monte, M.S.
Rudeen’s career began as an educator for staff and managers in a hospital and quickly evolved into consulting and leading workshops on topics ranging from conflict resolution to quality improvement. She has served as an instructor, mediator, executive coach and facilitator within individual hospitals, school districts, cities, public service agencies and she has presented management topics nationally including workplace conflict resolution skills for all levels of command for the Air Force.

In 1999, she founded
Community Impact Consulting to continue to help improve conditions for children, families, and vulnerable adults by providing management assistance to government and nonprofit agencies seeking to improve quality of services and quality of life for their communities.

Throughout her career, Rudeen established and facilitated a number of successful collaborative efforts among government and nonprofit agencies addressing such community outcomes as: reduction of domestic violence, improved health for adults with chronic disease, academic success in low income neighborhoods and health career pathways in rural communities.
JAMS, 2 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA 94111