October 05, 2019 09:30 AM - October 13, 2019 06:00 PM

October 5-6 & October 12-13

Community Boards’ nationally recognized The Basics of Mediation introduces core conflict resolution skills in a training designed for managers, human resource professionals, attorneys, ombudsmen, social workers, community mediators and others who intervene in disputes as part of their work.

The Basics of Mediation has set the “gold standard” for Northern California’s mediation trainings: comprehensive, practical and affordable.

Basics is a 40-hour training, taking place over two consecutive weekends, October 5-6 & 12-13, 9:30 am to 6:00 pm. Additional learning modules will also be assigned.

Participants gain the knowledge, techniques and skills needed to handle a broad range of disputes. This training is required for those wishing to become volunteer Community Mediators for our Neighborhood Mediation Program. While California has no statewide certification process for mediators, Basics meets the minimum requirements for most court mediation programs. Upon completion, participants receive certificates of completion.

Basics training topics include:

  • Effective communication and active listening skills
  • Balancing power
  • Managing a negotiation
  • Cultural and gender issues in mediation
  • Dealing with strong emotions
  • Breaking impasse
  • De-escalating anger
  • Drafting agreements that work

Basics provides these additional professional benefits:

  • Gaining Recognition: Enhance your credibility and professional standing with the people that you serve
  • Investing in Your Career: Demonstrate your professional experience and skills to build your career development opportunities
  • Showing Commitment: Accentuate your dedication to the profession
  • Distinguishing Yourself: Stand out by joining a commited community of professionals

LOCATION: 10th & Mission Family Housing, 1390 Mission Street, San Francisco

Emily Epstein Photo DONALD PROBY
Donald, currently a doctoral scholar in educational leadership with an emphasis on cross cultural conflict transformation, has been a mediator, restorative justice practitioner, and conflict resolution trainer for over 35 years. He has worked in government, social services, nonprofit leadership, and public and holistic health arenas.

Donald also works with multiple Bay Area organizations to advance peace and community building. Donald has been co-leading our Basics of Mediation training since 2011. His approach to adult education involves holding space where learners are encouraged to engage with their natural curiosity, explore, experiment, and master the content through transformative embodied experiences. Donald works to create an environment where risk taking is encouraged and the collective experience is engaging.

MCLE: This course is approved by the State Bar of California for 30 MCLE credits including 2 credits for the recognition and elimination of bias in the legal profession and society (provider #9323). $75 processing fee required.

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