March 03, 2015 06:00 PM - March 03, 2015 08:00 PM
Tuesday, Mar 3: Using Nonviolent Communication in Mediation
An Empathy-Centered Mediation Model

Katharina's workshop offers an introduction to the Mediate Your Life approach to mediation rooted in the consciousness and tools of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and further developed by "Choosing Peace" authors Ike Lasater and John Kinyon.

Mediate Your Life trainings have helped thousands of conflict resolvers around the world to learn and apply NVC skills in order to overcome barriers to collaborative solutions to dispute of all kinds.

Using the Mediate Your Life model, parties can quickly move away from the specifics of "he said, she said" into the heart of the issue, uncovering the parties' deeper needs that have not been recognized, honored, or met.

Katharina will include a presentation, demonstration/skit, and triad or small group exercises. Workshop participants will learn and experience how to use this simple, flexible, yet powerful mediation tool.

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Katharina W. Dress, M.A.

Katharina has been a mediator for 10 years and a facilitator and trainer for 30 years. She is founder and principle mediator at AGING IN HARMONY. Katharina has assisted Ike Lasater and John Kinyon in their "Mediate Your Life" trainings in the US and Europe for the past 5 years.

With extensive mediation training experience, including in Elder Mediation and Nonviolent Communication, Katharina offers her own Conflict Resolution Skills and Cultural Competency workshops. In addition, she serves as training coach for SEEDS Community Resolution Center in Berkeley and Community Boards.

Katharina earned her M.A. in Communications from San Francisco State University. She is a member of the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) Elder Section and served as its Finance Chair from 2010 to 2012. Katharina also serves on the Civil Court Mediation Panel of the Superior Court of Alameda County.

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Prerequisite: Participation in Jared Finkelstein's NVC Mediation in Action (Dec, 2014 Mediation Clinic) OR other prior experience with NVC-based empathic listening model. If you're unsure if this class is right for you, please contact Katharina directly,, 510-356-7830.
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