December 08, 2015 06:00 PM - December 08, 2015 08:00 PM
Tuesday, Dec 8: Creativity, Conflict, and the Brainstorming Myth
What if brainstorming is not as effective as we've been told? Many of us have been taught that brainstorming is a good tool for generating creative ideas when groups are stuck. Jonah Lehrer, in his The New Yorker article, The Brainstorming Myth, disagrees.

Come prepared to discuss this fascinating and controversial topic. We will explore the history of brainstorming, discover how to overcome the "myth" while fitting it into a problem-solving framework, and play with some new and fun brainstorming techniques to help parties find their own creative solutions to conflict.

You are also encouraged to bring your own favorite brainstorming technique to share.

Cordell Wesselink

Cordell works as Community Boards' ADR Programs Director.

As director, Cordell oversees all operations of our Neighborhood Mediation Program. To complement this service, he helped to create and implement our new Conflict Coaching program for one-to-one conflict resolution counseling.

Cordell has been a facilitator since 2007, currently working as our head facilitator for small- and large-group meetings.

As trainer, Cordell leads our facilitation trainings, and customizes and delivers conflict resolution trainings to a range of clients. With Betsy Zeger, he designed and co-leads our new one- and two-day conflict coaching trainings.

In addition, Cordell also designs and delivers multiple restorative justice trainings for the San Francisco District Attorney's Neighborhood Court Program.
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